12 apps to download this Earth Day

Good planets are hard to find. Let’s appreciate the one we got by downloading these eco-friendly apps.

  • HIVE: Turn off the heating when you’re not home! By controlling the temperature from your phone, you save on energy – and coin, too.
  • Shower Time: The Earth’s thirst is real! This app helps you monitor your shower time and really up your water conservation efforts
  • GreenMeter: Drive smarter with GreenMeter. The app taps into your phone’s built in accelerometer and rates your driving style efficiency. You get real-time results based on your vehicle’s power and fuel usage characteristics, helping you lower your environmental impact.
  • Evernote: By using the cloud to store notes and documents, you can ditch the paper and save trees. This app allows you to access shared documents from any device connected to the Internet.
  • Amazon Kindle: Did you know it requires approximately 125 million trees per year to make magazines, books and newspapers ? Cut down on paper by reading them on your phone.
  • Freegle: Why throw it away? If you have something you don’t need, this app helps you find someone to come and take it for you. It’s like online dating for stuff.
  • Eco Charger: Save energy by better managing your phone’s battery life. This app tracks your actual voltage and sends you an alert when it’s fully charged so you don’t leave it plugged in.
  • Awair: Did you know air quality within our homes can be up to eight times worse than outdoors?The smart indoor air-quality monitor learns from your habits and keeps track of temperature, humidity, toxic chemicals and dust, presenting you with recommendations for creating a better indoor environment – so you can breathe easy.
  • Seafood Watch: Love me some guilt-free sashimi? This app recommends seafood based on its current sustainability level.
  • WWF Together: The app brings you closer to the world’s most fascinating endangered species – including elephants, whales and rhinos – and what is being done to save them. Make sure you try out ‘tiger vision’ – 360-images and great design and photography bring their stories to life.
  • Oroeco: Track your carbon footprint and see how your everyday purchases directly impact climate change. Turn it into a game and earn points for saving the planet.
  • Tree Planet 2: This seriously addictive virtual game pays for a real tree to be planted for each level you progress.

(image: Pinterest)