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The 3 C’s of content marketing

Brands need to be nimble, implementing fresh channel-specific strategies that flex to the rapidly evolving social landscape. Content should be adapted for local audiences in a creative way, down to every detail of the execution, while also maintaining a consistent global brand voice. As a general rule of thumb, follow these three Cs:

Cross-channel experience

Today’s consumer switches seamlessly from laptop, to phone, to tablet. They’ll research a dress on the web only to try it on in a brick-and-mortar store, expecting to have the same consistent experience. Your product should be easily accessible at every touch point, with consistency in messaging and brand experience both online and offline.

Capture attention

Keep it short. This is particularly the case with branded video content, which has increased in popularity by 114 per cent since 2014. The world is a noisy place, with so much content flooding our newsfeeds, and you only have a few seconds to make a lasting impression.

Calibrate to each customer

Customised, thoughtful, trend-driven content resonates with the consumer and helps build a community and lifestyle, cementing brand loyalty and advocacy in the long run. At Digital Natives, we’re a data-informed, content-led agency. The journey to optimise marketing begins with data (translated into insights via analytics), which we use to visualise customers and drive the right actions. Only then can we hone in on trends, conduct iterative testing and devise strategies to create personalised, targeted and timely content that the customer is ultimately going to remember.

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