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5 fashion brands making brilliant content

If any industry has lent itself particularly well to content creation, it’s fashion. The subject for some of the the most beautiful still and moving imagery ever created, as well as countless glossies filled with the latest designer garb, it makes perfect sense to digitise and ‘editorialise’ fashion content from brands. To celebrate some of the most inspiring examples, we’ve pulled together five of the most engaging and innovative content experiences from fashion brands.


Burberry is regularly congratulated on its excellent use of content to engage and share with fans. Indeed, its CEO Angela Ahrendts and COO Christopher Bailey set out in 2006 to ‘be the first company that is fully digital’ and ‘build a social enterprise’. Its regular updates not only allow followers to see life behind the scenes at Burberry – they also ensure that the luxury elements of the brand are front and centre. What’s striking about their various channels is how differently they’re used and how seamlessly they fit together. For example:


Burberry Acoustic

As well as being an e-commerce platform, Burberry’s site naturally integrates premium content into the user experience. Take Burberry Acoustic, a tab on the sidebar with as much of a presence as the seasonal collections and company history sections – a gallery of live acoustic performances from up-and-coming British artists. Why is it relevant? Well, Burberry understands the need to reach out to a younger, digitally focused audience, and this audience wants to see stylish, ambitious, talented musicians singing in gardens wearing Burberry. Equally, the auto-play ad for their latest campaign on the home page looks less like an ad, and much more like a 70s home video of extremely beautiful people hanging out on London streets – a representation of an ideal lifestyle that Burberry fans are keen to see.


Burberry Twitter-1 Burberry Twitter-2

On Twitter, Burberry is all about sharing behind-the-scenes moments with its fans and showcasing celebrity wearers. But these aren’t ordinary iPhone snaps of off-duty models; these are expert shots that further emphasise the luxury of the brand, and warmly invite its followers to share in that luxury experience.


Burberry Pinterest

The Burberry Pinterest account is jam-packed with premium imagery that covers all aspects of the business. The number of images on each board ranges from 89 to 700, giving an insight not only into upcoming collections, but into the company’s history and heritage – its Britishness, product quality and craftsmanship. The Burberry Heritage Archive is particularly good.

Thomas Pink

Thomas Pink has an excellent reputation as a luxury shirtmaker, but wanted to move from more traditional media over to digital – and they’ve done it well. Their main website links off at all turns to further rich content experiences, and their social updates highlight the brand’s traditional, gentlemanly values.

Which Shirt Are You?

Given the range of shirts on offer, many customers weren’t sure which would suit them best and felt overwhelmed by the decision. We worked with Thomas Pink to create the Which Shirt Are You? microsite – a digital destination intended to personalise the shopping experience. It features well-known influencers from diverse professions and backgrounds talking about how the shirts fit into their routines, a live social feed of people using the #WSAY and #ThomasPink hashtags, and individual films for each shirt type to explain the difference in design.

Thomas Pink

Thomas Pink shirt

Thomas Pink individual

Mr Porter

The Net-A-Porter group sure knows how to make great content. The original womenswear site produces a high-end print and online magazine, regularly breaks ground on social media and has just launched its very own social network. But what about its old man, Mr Porter? Well, it too has gone down the online magazine route with The Journal.

The Journal

Mr Porter Journal

The weekly online mag is a lesson in exactly what content marketing is all about: talking around your subject and giving readers something of real worth. The issues are themed – the most recent one is all about time, from time trials to getting older – and includes features with notable sartorially minded men, ‘get the look’ pieces and healthy living articles. The beautiful design and photography, fluid reader experience and spot-on positioning perfectly underline Mr Porter’s luxury products.

Mr Porter Italian


Mr Porter’s Instagram is a look into life ‘on the road’ with the brand, featuring gorgeous photography backstage at fashion shows, on location, and out and about in some of the world’s most fashionable cities. Although the content is pretty exclusive, it’s totally warm – the regrams of Instafashionistas open up the conversation, while insights into what the team are sampling for breakfast makes it all feel instantly relatable.

Mr Porter Instagram

Alfred Dunhill

Although Dunhill began over a hundred years ago, the brand has moved with the times – all the while retaining its traditional values. In fact, it’s this fusion that makes its offering unique: digital experiences married perfectly with real-world experiences.

The look book

The Dunhill look book is a thing of beauty – photography worthy of an exhibition and a seamless user experience. Available in hard copy, we built and designed its digital version. It sums up perfectly the ethos of the brand: luxury, timeless clothing and accessories for ‘discerning gentlemen’. In fact, the look book in digital form proved so popular that sales staff in store used it when dealing with customers.

Dunhill multi

The home

Bourdon House is a Georgian mansion in the heart of Mayfair run by Alfred Dunhill for its clients. This is taking a luxury brand experience to a whole new level – the house boasts an in-house tailor running private consultations, a barbour, a bar, a spa and a screening room. Perfect for running events from – the Twitter and Instagram feeds are full of celeb spots at Bourdon House – it creates a sense of loyalty, belonging and exclusivity among Dunhill customers.

Dunhill Bourdon


Anthropologie embodies the perfect lifestyle. Its content, both on the blog and social, is stylish and serene – all beautiful living rooms, delectable food and relaxed, stylish ensembles. The social feeds are lovely, well thought through and firmly aspirational, but the real forte is the blog. Much like Williams Sonoma’s Taste, it’s worlds away from a ‘company blog’.

Anthropologie blog


The editorial series, stylisation and general atmosphere of Anthropologie’s blog proves that it knows its audience inside out. Easy, healthy recipes, style guides, interviews with fascinating artists, stylists and writers, guides to green living, and more seasonal subjects such as festival fashion. The pieces are often interviews with influencers and experts, who lend their authority to areas where Anthropologie might be lacking, and products feature subtly and naturally at the end of written pieces.

Anthropologie individual

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