5 top bloggers with awesome Instagram feeds

These days, being a blogger is about so much more than writing regular posts that offer your audience an exclusive insight into your wonderful life. It’s about more than having a beautifully designed website. It’s about more than inserting incredible photography into your posts, too. Now, we expect bloggers to function as brands – which means that they should have a presence on every social network, should attend and report on events around the world, and should never, ever be offline.

Aside from their lives being a bit nuts when you think about it, these new blogger types have developed some pretty awesome Instagram feeds, filled with premium fashion, exotic locations and some seriously saliva-inducing foodie snaps. Here are five of our faves – follow them and get ready to see your Instagram light up with pictures that will, without exception, make you quite jealous. Sorry, we mean inspired. (We definitely mean jealous.)

The Londoner


Rose Thomas has been blogging for a good few years now. She began when she first moved to London as a recent graduate and yet was able to live in Belgravia, casually dine at the capital’s most exclusive restaurants, and go on holiday almost all the time. In any case, her blog is full of lovely aspirational musings about travel, family, fashion and friends, and her Instagram feed’s the perfect match. She covers lots of topics, so follow for wanderlust, food porn and handbag envy.


Julia Hengel


Unsurprisingly a friend of Rose, Julia’s feed is more fashion related. Her hubby takes all her photos – without doubt on a professional camera, as these are clearly not casual iPhone snaps on the go – so her Instagram feed looks more like a luxury magazine than a social media account. Nevertheless, the photos are beautiful, and you can shop her style from each Instagram snap as well as over on the blog. Follow her for fashion, flowers and foreign adventures.


Love & Lemons


Jack and Jeanine have a beautiful blog full of colourful foodie inspiration that they recreate on their Instagram feed. It’s the sort of food you’d create if your best intentions came good, and you didn’t get distracted by working late/the pub/The Great British Bake-Off. Still, we can but dream, and Love & Lemons is a good place to start. The feed also occasionally features their Shiba dog Annie, which obviously makes it even more pawsome. Follow for immediate hunger, dinner inspiration and cuteness.


Joy the Baker


She’s a bit of an online baking legend, so we couldn’t possibly miss out Joy the Baker’s achingly delicious Instagram feed, in which approximately one every 15 posts is a frankly ridiculous image of doughnuts. Follow for these, other sweet treats, savoury goodies and, again, some adorable pet action. It’s hard not to imagine her life being some sort of sweet stay-at-home-and-bake-and-hang-out-with-cat dream – so we’re not going to try.


Lush to Blush


Megan Elliott’s Lush to Blush Instagram feed has ‘aspirational’ splashed all over it. We’re talking tons of travel, lovely clothes, beautiful hotels and some of the most covetable accessories we’ve ever laid eyes on. Follow for life envy, beauty tips and the most enjoyable way of picking out your next holiday destination.


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