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Summer is over, and here at DNHQ we’re sniffling into our porridge and posting summer snap throwbacks every other day. Not so for the Digital Nomads! Unchained from desks, they roam wild and free. They’re wriggling their toes in the sand during conference calls. They’re listening to real waves – not ambient noise. And they haven’t eaten anything from Pret in months. We’ve chosen some of the best apps to help make working abroad even more of a delight.

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Nomad List

Bread and butter

Nomad List finds the best cities to work from remotely. These have been rated by nomads themselves, and can be filtered according to the categories most important to you. Totally up to you whether ‘wifi speed’ or ‘clean air’ is more of a priority.

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Download full guides or arrange meet-ups to make new contacts.

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Remote Year

Bread and butter

The gap year for nomads, Remote Year arranges for a group of professionals to get together for an unforgettable year of work and travel. With an itinerary spanning South America, Asia and Europe, the programme attracts 75 ‘remotes’ who apply from all over the globe. The monthly fee ensures rooms, travel, workspace and activities are organised and paid for ahead of time.

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Attend networking events and build a ‘strong sense of community’ with the like-minded individuals you meet from start to finish.

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Nomad House

Bread and butter

If you prefer more of a DIY approach to your nomadic travels, Nomad House might be your solution – all the ease of a hostel or Airbnb but with none of the isolation that can come with working abroad.

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As well as giving you a roof over you head, this site encourages collaboration between nomads to help develop the projects they have at hand.

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Bread and butter

Seven is a simple fitness app that only requires you, a wall and seven minutes of your time. It doesn’t even need to access the internet, so there really are no excuses.

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Gamify your workout schedule – miss one day and you’ll lose a heart. Miss three days in a month and you’ll have to start again at zero. We’re pretty sure that’s not how fitness really works, but anything to get that booty moving, right?

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Bread and butter

Ok, so it’s not strictly an app, but Remotive is a veritable treasure trove for nomads nonetheless. This website curates job vacancies for remote workers in industries such as engineering, HR, marketing, management and support.

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