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Digital Natives Demo: Productivity

Call us popular, but with all the phone calls, emails and notifications coming in left, right and centre, sometimes it can be hard to concentrate on just one thing. If you suffer from similar tendencies, let us lend you a hand. These are the best apps to help you turn that procrastination into productivity.

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Bread and butter

Forest is a gloriously therapeutic app to ‘help eradicate phubbing’ (not sure that word ever really caught on, but we’ll forgive them). Each time you want to be more productive, whether that’s at your desk or spending better quality time with friends, you ‘plant a tree’ on the app. The tree then takes 30 minutes to grow – but if the phone is touched, it will immediately perish. Avoid this miserable fate by cultivating a forest of precious, uninterrupted tech-free moments.

Bit on the side

A new partnership with tree-planting organization WeForest could soon mean your forest will also exist IRL. OMG.

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Bread and butter

Drown out that colleague’s piercing laugh, the gentle hum of the decrepit fridge and any other irritating hubbub with Nozio, the ambient noise generator. No lyrics means no distractions. Get creative with your new environment by mixing ‘Deep Space’ with ‘Blue Whales’. Let your imagination run riot– there are no rules!

Bit on the side

Make your happy place geographically and seasonally accurate with specific settings such as ‘Paris Café’ and ‘October Rain’.

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Bread and butter

Taste the rainbow with Coolors; a very quick, slick and easy way to discover new colour palettes. A random generator allows you to see different pantones next to one other. When you find one you like, keep that one locked in while others are generated separately until you have the perfect mix.

Bit on the side

Browse through the creations others have saved and uploaded for extra inspo.

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Bread and butter

Though it may seem that taking time to meditate is not necessarily conducive to productivity, meditation is actually thought to have great recharging capacities, and helps to improve focus, creativity and memory. With helpful guided sessions that range from two to 30 minutes, Calm is the perfect pocket companion at any point in your day.

Bit on the side

Beautiful landscapes and soundscapes are also key components to help boost those mellow vibes.

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Bread and butter

Help form habits with Productive, which encourages you to keep going with a good thing. It motivates you by demonstrating how you have built up a streak, so you are less tempted to break it. Show yourself who’s boss.

Bit on the side

Schedule your new habits in a calendar as well as arrange timely reminders to prompt you about what you’re meant to be getting done and when.


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