Girl Power

2014 was an iconic year for feminism, with digital platforms and content playing a pivotal role in its exposure. What was it about this digital content that made it so compelling? We take a look at the videos that were most shared, with the biggest impact.

  • Celebrate rather than shame:

This Girl Can: 4.5 million views

After a study which found that 75% of women don’t exercise because they worry what others will think, Sports England created a video that managed to be both inspiring and genuine. Refreshingly honest amidst other oiled up, airbrushed sporting ads, This Girl Can instead celebrates the means rather than simply the ends. Certain journalists are even signalling this as a turning point in advertisers’ portrayal of modern women.

  • Say it loud and proud

First Moon Party: 30 million views

The Hello Flo videos are genius in their use of humour to convey their message. There’s no blue liquid that’s meant to resemble blood and the word ‘vagina’ is banded around merrily. Periods are treated with positive emphasis instead of being skirted around in an embarrassed fashion. They are bold and sassy with their messaging, and the comedy resonates because of it.

  • Put your spin on the everyday

10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman: 39 million views

Addressing an everyday reality for many is a sure fire way to keep content present in people’s minds and conversations.  ’10 Hours of walking in NYC as a woman’ did exactly that. It highlights the gulf between catcalling as something typically dismissed as trivial, and the reality of catcalling as bordering on harassment.

  • Represent your core values

Goldieblox Advert: 541,000 views

The Superbowl break smash hit by Goldieblox worked so well as it resonated soundly with the ideals of the brand. As a company who specifically designs toys to encourage girls’ interest in engineering and problem solving abilities, Goldieblox tackled gender inequality within the toy industry head on. It is both humorous and empowering, which helps strengthen the positive association between the campaign message and the brand.

  • Let the message speak for itself

 #LikeAGirl: 54 million views

The bare “documentary” style set of Always’ viral sensation, #LikeAGirl, undoubtedly helped to deliver their message. It created an authenticity, and drew viewers attention to the strong emotional dialogue.