Swiping left on traditional dating

The toils and troubles of the day leave many of us requiring an immediate disconnect from reality, resulting in a frantic search for something which might disassociate us from our cerebral cortex. Cue ITV prime-time television.

Somewhere in between the frenetic frozen food ads and brainwashing voiceovers, our eyes turn to our mobile devices in hope of further distraction: dating apps.

Source: Giphy

Cupid’s wings have long since disappeared, replaced now by his digitally savvy cousins: Tinder, Happn and Bumble, to name a few. The world of digital dating has been thrust upon us seemingly overnight and while many of us still find the concept slightly alien, there is a growing younger audience who will likely see this as no different to drunkenly spurting words at each other on a Saturday night.

With half of the world’s adult population registering themselves as ‘single’ along with new research that suggests there are some 50 million Tinder users, checking their profile an average of 11 times a day, it’s no wonder this app-sized Cilla Black really is taking the world by storm – one swipe at a time.

Its rise in popularity has of course paved the way for marketers to infiltrate their messaging into the most private echelons of our lives, and in turn, disrupting our mobile mojo. Recently, the most unlikely of organisations reared its head to enter the fold – our beloved NHS. You couldn’t even write this.

As part of the campaign ‘The Wait’ by 23red, aimed at increasing organ donors, TV stars such as Jamie Laing were asked to create their very own Tinder profile as bait for unsuspecting users to ‘swipe right’ on. Much to the dismay of many, an option to become a donor would be served right to their mobile device. Not quite the match you were expecting?

It’s the perfect example of how brand messaging is becoming woven into the most unsuspecting of digital materials; and as we continue to venture into the unknown, we bet our bottom dollar we’ll be seeing a lot more of this.

*Swipes right*

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