DN Pick: The Best Video Moments of 2015

It’s been a big year for us, but an even more giant leap for ‘videokind’. Video remains the medium that can capture the imagination in an instant, as well as inspire, amaze and amuse in equal measures. After much discussion, debate and whittling down, here are the DN team’s favourite video moments of 2015.

Anna Byrne, Editorial Director

This is brilliant because of the knowing, self-effacing way innocent makes a mockery of brands nonsensically jumping on topical bandwagons they have no relevance to. The brand knows it’s possibly the guiltiest of doing this – but after watching this video? Forgiven. Another example of innocent’s witty and wonderfully consistent tone of voice.

Maddy Tan, Art Director

At its core, this video is super simple which adds to the idea. It’s clever and characterises well without being too ‘in your face’. The talent is likeable, it’s funny and it really cements Bonds as a brand with relevance and merit. If you can make an ad people love to watch, you know you’ve done well.

Alistair Fitch, Strategy Director

Not *technically* this year, but I love this doc: I love running, it’s beautifully shot, it’s a great story and a great idea. It’s inspiring, uplifting and could have easily been sponsored by a brand like Asics. I’m also a big fan of the PBS Ideas Channel as a resource to stimulate debate about internet culture and the world in which we live and work. Netflix studios too is coming into its own via quality original programming, with series like Narcos and Master of None. I think the latter has really pitched it right in terms of capturing very succinctly the reality of modern living and the impact upon friendships, dating etc, brought on in no small part by rapid technological advances.

Oliver Elmes, Creative Director

I love this video as it brings a much-needed sense of personality to supermarket advertising. They have managed to not only bring to life the friendly tone of voice, but also reimagine the ‘How to’ video format. Short but sweet.

Anna Foster, Account Manager

This video has managed to match its visuals with its messaging perfectly. The simple execution doesn’t overcomplicate the message – rather, it only serves to emphasise the impact. Just shows how the right tone of voice can turn something supposedly controversial into a straightforward and much more powerful message. You’ve got to love the touch of humour to finish it off nicely, too.

Alex Rorison, Account Executive

For six years, La Blogotheque have produced beautifully filmed acoustic sessions in even more beautiful locations. This incredibly tasteful approach highlights the talent of the musicians admirably. Who better to encapsulate this than Benjamin Clementine performing in the emptied Sainte Geneviève Library in Paris. At the age of 18, a homeless Clementine moved to Paris and busked in order to rent a bed for the night. Fast-forward 9 years and he is now the winner of the 2015 Mercury Award for album of the year. Great music and great production – what more could you want?

Will Dorrien-Smith, Content Creator

I really love this video because it just ticks all the boxes for me. Great story, beautifully shot, and the subject matter is delicately handled and beautifully directed. And it’s for a great cause! Top marks all round.


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