Welcome to the family, Sacla’

We’re delighted to reveal that we’ve been working with a brand new client – Sacla’, UK’s number one pesto brand.

Sacla’ originates in Italy, where it’s been making authentic food products for over 75 years. While Classic Basil Pesto remains the brand’s signature product (you’d probably be familiar with it via Sacla’ school dinners!), Sacla’ will focus on growing its popularity in the ‘free from’ category, as well as supporting key product launches.

Digital Natives has been appointed by Sacla’ to build its digital presence, overseeing the brand blog, handling social strategy, and managing all social platforms going forward. We recently spent a day filming with celebrity chef and restaurateur Aldo Zilli, creating a set of videos and stills designed to work cross-channel.

The first of our digital campaigns with the brand celebrates Sacla’ Free From. As part of the campaign, we have called upon our agency network to deliver exclusive and on-brand influencer content with Gluten Free Cuppa Tea, Plantbased Pixie, Taming Twins, Wallflower Kitchen and Rachel Phipps, to be rolled out over the next three months. There will also be a Facebook Live Free From event happening in February, hosted by Sacla’ and inviting conversation with prominent ‘free from’ bloggers.

As Clare Blampied, Managing Director of Sacla’ UK, says: “Digital Natives have a proven track record in creating quality branded content that blends the art of brand storytelling and the science of the modern shopping experience. This will be key for us in appealing to our connected consumers.”

Take a look at our latest content with Aldo ZIlli below. You can also check out the brand’s refreshed social channels, including content we’ve created for their Facebook and Instagram.