Just Eat

Give Hunger The Finger

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The Challenge

Develop a YouTube pre-roll campaign and mobile adverts bespoke for each platform to help drive engagement and increase click-through rates.

The Solution

We created bespoke content for different platforms as part of Just Eat's 'Give Hunger The Finger' campaign. As well as interactive pre-roll film on YouTube that used the platform's overlays as part of the creative, we created interactive mobile ads that allowed users to 'tickle the Mozz'.

‘At short notice the team were able to turn around a complicated production and delivered a quality selection of assets.’

Domitille Mereuze, Digital Campaign Manager

Youtube Pre-Roll

We worked with and innovated on the platform to create something compelling and unusual for viewers.


We created and developed a mobile ad which allowed users to tickle The Mozz to provoke a reaction.


As part of the ‘Give Hunger the Finger’ campaign, we produced the photography that was used throughout the London Underground and key hotspots around London.