Liz Earle

Christmas Gifting Platform




The Challenge

To recruit new customers to generate first time use of Cleanse and Polish and spark engagement with current following on Liz Earle’s channels around the Christmas period.

The Solution

We created an awareness campaign driving people to the ‘Christmas Wishes’ gifting platform, where they were invited to build personalised festive messages to share with their nearest and dearest and were rewarded with a discount voucher.

Social Drivers

We created a GIF, stills and a carousel for FB and IG to drive to the platform, both harnessing the loyalty of the current fanbase to bring in new customers as well as through paid media.


Our platform guided them through the process to create a beautifully designed message which they could then share on Facebook or via email. Fans could choose between bespoke messages for friends, daughters or mothers, or create their own.


To encourage engagement + in turn increase online sales, the sender would also receive a £5 voucher to spend at