Launch Advert

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The Challenge

Create a digital advert that introduces Optiwell to the market in a genuine, light-hearted way that immediately showcases the product utility for our target audience.

The Solution

We developed a script and art direction, casting Holly Willoughby and showing how Optiwell fits into her busy life in a warm, relatable way. We handled all aspects of the production, from liaising with external agencies to organising the shoot itself and creating multiple edits for different uses.

‘Having Holly Willoughby as part of the Optiwell launch is a huge thing – so we really needed to set the scene and explain how it fits into her life. The VOD that Digital Natives created does that in a really warm, engaging way.’

– Will Jones, Marketing Director


The advert was used in paid media units, including Tremor, Collective and Sharethrough.


We created two separate pieces of video content for paid social to demonstrate how Optiwell fits into Holly's life as a busy working mum.