Brand Storytelling

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25 million

5 million

1.2 million

The Challenge

Innovatively launch a brand new yogurt drink into the UK market across all digital channels.

The Solution

After putting together a comprehensive content strategy and guidelines, we have established an engaging social presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, where image and video content covers the themes of food, fitness and fun.

‘We’ve been so impressed by the volume, quality and consistency of all the content that Digital Natives have created for our social channels.’

– Will Jones, Marketing Director


Our photography has been used across website, social and above the line advertising.


Video content along the themes of food, fitness and fun featuring our influencers and Holly Willoughby have appeared across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Our light-hearted designed posts regularly feature the product while remaining relatable and shareable.


We designed a number of assets featuring Holly Willoughby for use in out of home campaigns around the UK.